A dedicated homelessness and temporary accommodation IT solution


The Homelessness Reduction Act will place an increased duty on local authorities to prevent people from becoming homeless. The Act changes the way that councils work, to prevent and relieve homelessness from April 2018.

From April 2018, the Homelessness Reduction Act places increased duties on Local Housing Authorities to both prevent and relieve homelessness. To comply with the Act, local housing authorities must assess and provide meaningful assistance to everyone who is homeless or threatened with homelessness including the provision of a written personalised housing plan.

In line with the Act, there are significant changes to the reporting requirements for local housing authorities as reporting moves from aggregated statistics to new case-level recording. This partnership combines expert knowledge of the homelessness sector with pioneering IT development to bring you Housing Jigsaw; a system which combines practical support and advice with easy to use software covering all aspects of housing advice and homelessness including accommodation options.

We are very proud to be the first partnership to offer all local authorities a free to use ‘s.213b duty to refer’ and ’s.198 referrals’ system allowing communication across all 326 local authorities and specified public bodies.

Ensure your team is not left behind and explore Housing Jigsaw, the missing piece of the homelessness puzzle.


An innovative solution designed by practitioners, for practitioners

  • Supports the efficient management of an increased caseload including bespoke officer and manager dashboards
  • Unique customer interface allowing customers and their support providers to update their Personalised Housing Plan, upload documents, amend contact details and add notes
  • Inbuilt income and expenditure forms including trigger figures provided by the Money Advice Service
  • Designed on the NPSS Homelessness Reduction Act flowchart, the system guides users to deliver a service which complies with all legislative requirements
  • Integrated person and accommodation database which meets homelessness, housing advice, accommodation and housing register requirements
  • Ongoing advice, support and training provided by the NPSS Practitioners

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